Donation programs

you can send your donation to the general fund and it will be determined as needed

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In order for the donation to be spent on one of the programs, leave a comment about the program in the comments to the donation, otherwise it will be added to the general fund


Support families of political prisoners in Belarus

Support families of political prisoners in Belarus by making a donation. Your contribution will provide vital financial assistance, legal support, and essential resources to those affected. Join us in standing with these families, raising awareness about the injustices in Belarus, and making a meaningful impact. Every donation, big or small, helps ease their burdens and supports the pursuit of justice and human rights.


rovide humanitarian aid to Belarusian medics in Ukraine

Extend a helping hand to Belarusian healthcare professionals serving in Ukraine by offering humanitarian aid. Your support can supply essential medical equipment and resources to these dedicated medics, who are tirelessly working to save lives. Your contribution will make a significant impact, ensuring these heroes have the tools they need to provide crucial care and support to those in need.


Build/acquire 1st Belarusian community center in US

We are embarking on a significant endeavor to establish the inaugural Belarusian Community Center in the United States. Your support is pivotal in realizing this initiative, which aims to provide a dedicated venue for the Belarusian community to converge, preserve their cultural heritage, and forge connections with fellow Belarusians residing in the United States.

*that all donations are tax deductable and about corporate matching