We are American citizens and permanent residents that live in the United States recorded this video to show you what American media doesn’t show. Belarus had so called ‘’presidential election’’ on 8/9/20 that was rigged and thousands of Belarusians went on to the streets because we knew that we were fooled by president Lukashenka who has been destroying Belarus and its culture since 1994

We are gathering funds to help all Belarusians that were peacefully expressing their rights and were captured by the police, beaten and tortured.

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If you want to help us financially, you can send us a check. We have a non-profit status and your donation could be tax deductible (consult your own CPA)

Send check to:
Belarusian Americans. Org
1920 Central Ave NE STE 217
Minneapolis MN 55418
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How you can help us?
1. Sign up for our youtube and telegram channels and chats, join to our group on Facebook — so you could know what we are doing and you could do as well.
2. Make meetings of solidarity with Belarusians that were appressed by Rezhim of last European dictator Lukashenka every Sunday at 2pm until Lukashenka is prosecuted in the International Court of Justice for genocide of Belarusians.


1920 Central Ave NE STE 217
Minneapolis MN 55418

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